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Trade-in your car toward purchasing a newer vehicle from Deans Motor Sales. It's a quick and easy 3 step process

Bring in your car

Include all original keys, remotes, spare tires and jacks etc.

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Get It appraised

We'll have our professional appraisers check your vehicle inside and out
to arrive at a fair value for your vehicle.

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Receive a trade-in offer

Good for 7 days

Proceed with your offer or take a few days to consider it.
No obligation, no hassle!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most common questions asked by our trade-in customers

  • 1. What must I carry to get my car properly appraised?
  • 2. Do I really need an appointment for an appraisal?
  • 3. I still owe money to the bank(or other lending institution)on my car, can I still trade it in?
  • 4. Is there a cost to getting a trade-in appraisal?
  • 5. Do you accept the appraised value from outside appraisers?
  • 6. What factors are considered when apprasing my vehicle?

    A. There are a number of factors considered before arriving at a final offer price. These include current market condition, results of our inspection - vehicle service history report (if available)

Receive a trade-in offer.
Good for 7 days

We offer you a full week to consider our on the spot trade-in offer. Use this time to consider the savings on your newer vehicle purchase. No obligation, no hassle.


1. If original keys, remotes, spare tires and jacks etc are missing, this may affect our final offer price.
2. A recently washed car especially the underside will help our appraisers.

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