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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • 1. How can I contact Deans Motor Sales Limited?

    You may contact us via:

    Tel: (876) 704- DEAN (704-3326)
    (876) 370-8823


    Deans Motor Sales Ltd.
    Lot 19 West Trade Way
    Portmore Town Center
    Portmore, St. Catherine

  • 2. What are your regular business hours?

    Mondays: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
    Tuesdays: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
    Wednesdays: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
    Thursdays: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
    Fridays: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
    Saturdays: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
    Sundays: By Appointment Only

  • 3. What types of services does Deans Motor Sales offer?

    We provide:
    1. Global Vehicle Locating Services
    2. Vehicle Importation Services.
    3. Motor vehicle Parts & Accessory importation services

  • 4. How do I purchase a vehicle using Importing Services?

    Once you identify the car that you wish to purchase, you are required to deposit 50% of the C.I.F (Cost Insurance and Freight )value for the vehicle, the other 50% after the vessel leave the port thereafter you are given a copy of the Bill of Laden. The final amount is payable when the Vehicle arrive at our port.
    If you are going through your credit union, Bank or any other lending institute, we can still offer assistance by having you pay a deposit then we start the process until the vehicle reaches, call or come in and talk with us for special arrangements. (876)370-8823 or (876)816-9805, email or clicking on our request a quote form and filling out a car locator form if you know exactly what type of vehicle you would like us to attempt to acquire for you.

    We will then contact you in order to confirm, verify and answer any question that you may have regarding your request and the next steps in the purchasing process.
    Please contact us by email, phone or fax with ANY purchasing questions that you may have.

  • 5. What if I am not sure about the type of vehicle that I would like to purchase?

    If you are not exactly sure about what type of vehicle you are looking for please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding any characteristics that you may be searching for in your next dream car. You may also research our website's “recently sold vehicles” page. When you have decided
    on the desired vehicle you may then visit our “Request a Quote” page and fill out the form or contact us directly . We will then contact you (if needed) in order to confirm, verify and answer any questions that you may have regarding your request and the next steps in the purchasing process.

  • 6. What payment methods are accepted by Deans Motor Sales Ltd?

    1. Wire transfers
    2. Cashiers/managers cheque
    3. Direct Bank deposit
    4. Cash


    NCB - 364288174 (Jamaica Dollars)
    NCB - 364177216 (US Dollars )
    Scotia Bank 10-400479 (Jamaica Dollars)

  • 7. What types of fees or costs are associated with purchasing a vehicle via Deans Motor Sales Ltd?

    Listed below are associated costs that we would like our customers to be aware of with a vehicle purchase and importation:

    * Shipping Fee (If Applicable)
    * Ground transport Fee (If Applicable)
    * Special Consumption Tax (SCT)
    * License Fee (if Applicable)
    * Customs User fees
    * Import Customs Clearance and Port Handling Fees
    * Environmental Levy
    * Deans Motor Sales Service Fee

  • 8. What is Deans Motor Sales Ltd Initial Response Time?

    A Deans Motor Sales agent will contact in under 24 hrs of your initial enquiry.

  • 9. Is Deans Motor Sales Ltd a Registered Company?

    Deans Motor Sales Limited is a Certified USED/NEW Car Dealer which is registered with the Companies office of Jamaica,the Ministry of Industry,Investment & Commerce and the Trade Board Limited.Our services handle the following:
    Buying and selling of motor vehicles, locating a Vehicle for you in Japan,Singapore and America.We also import those hard to get parts and accessories.

  • 10. Can Deans Motor Sales Import most Japanese vehicles?

    We are able to import most Japanese vehicles but due to government regulations there are a few vehicles that cannot be imported into the Jamaica, these include Motor cars over 5 years old and vehicles that don't meet local emissions standards.
    Please contact Deans Motor Sales for help in identifying whether or not a particular vehicle can be imported. It would be our pleasure to render any assistance.

  • 11. Can Deans Motor Sales help me import an American vehicle?

    Yes we can import most commercial vehicles that are manufactured in the U.S.A, please contact us by email, phone or fax with ANY purchasing questions that you may have.

  • 12. How long will it take to import my vehicle?

    Deans Motor Sales understands our client’s urgency to receive their vehicle, but we ask our clients to please understand that the total process may take 4-6 weeks for imports. This is due to the fact that sometime the ship transporting your vehicle stop at several ports around the world before reaching Jamaica - it's the nature of the shipping business, and it is beyond our control.

    • During this period a copy of the Bill of Laden from the Shipping Company will be given to our customers once all necessary paperwork and arrangements have been completed and the vessel is on its way to Kingston.

  • 13. Can I insure my Vehicle from damages or natural disaster while on the vessel or at the Wharf?

    Once your Vehicle was purchased C.I.F which is Cost Insurance and Freight, your vehicle is insured from any damages that may occur.

  • 14. Are these vehicles covered under Jamaican warranty?

    Yes, Deans Motor Sales offer 90 days warranty which covers the engine and transmission ONLY. (Deans Motor Sales will provide information regarding extended warranty plans upon request by the client. Please contact Deans Motor Sales to verify whether or not your vehicle is eligible for extended warranty coverage.

  • 15. How much will it cost to purchase a vehicle from the United States?

    Each purchase is unique therefore we have no way to correctly quote a price until we have gathered all required information and paperwork concerning a probable purchase. Please contact us by Email, phone or fax with ANY purchasing questions that you may have. Once you have selected your vehicle we will give you a quote by way of a pro-forma invoice.

  • 16. Where can I service my vehicle after purchase?

    It would be our pleasure to help our clients locate a high quality vehicle service provider.
    To assist our clientele we have included a list of highly qualified service facilities where you may take your vehicle to be serviced.
    Please give us a call for further information..

  • 17. Can Deans Motor Sales arrange insurance for my newly purchased vehicle?

    Yes, we have partnered with several insurance agents that can provide an insurance quote for every new or used vehicle purchase via Deans motor sales. Please contact us by Email, phone or fax for a list of recommended agents.

  • 18. Can Deans Motor Sales arrange for the transportation of my vehicle directly to my place of residence?

    Yes, once your vehicle arrives we can arrange for your car to be delivered anywhere in Jamaica.
    Please inform Deans Motor Sales as early as possible if you require domestic transport for your car so that we can make the proper arrangements for you.
    Please note an additional fee will be applied.

  • 19. What is the time frame for a customer to arrange the payment of customs duty when the vehicle reaches Kingston

    Deans Motor Sales advises our customer to make the necessary arrangement to clear the vehicle as soon as the vessel reaches the port, so as to avoid any minor or major damages that may arise while the vehicle is there for a long while.

    Please note: Deans Motor Sales will not be held responsible for any damages done once the vehicle is on the wharf for more than thirty days.

    For 20% Concession users this will only be applied when clearing the Vehicle, the cost and freight for the unit remains the same.

    Hybrid vehicles that uses flex-fuel, a waiver is applicable for those vehicles but it MUST be manufactured as a hybrid flex-fuel and not by modification, feel free to call for more info.


Lot 19 West Trade Way
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